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Our wide range of products includes Surgical Bleached Absorbent Cotton, Mops, Mop Yarns, Cleaning Dusters, Cleaning Cloths, Terry Towels, Rags, and Stockinette etc. We have been exporting to the markets of the UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Africa, which is why we know how to meet quality standards and timely deliveries in order to satisfy our customer’s demands. With this wealth of experience we can assure you that our products conform to highest quality possible.

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Surgical Bleached Absorbent Cotton wool of every type based on customer’s requirement , bleached on computerized, fully automated autoclaves. Quality and Production related tests are held at every stage of production to ensure production of high quality goods. Only hydrogen peroxide is used in the bleaching process. Bales weighing approximately 160 kg and Large bales weighing approximately 225kg are packaged in laminated woven polypropylene sheets. It can be use in medical products, nonwoven, cosmetic and many other related items.

160KG Bale Dimensions:

560x965x1020 mm

40′ HC Container:

120 Bales

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Bleached Absorbent cotton bales

bleached non absorbent

Cotton Bleached without Absorbency. This cotton will not ...