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 Kentucky Mop

The Kentucky mop head is made from pure yarn and is well known for its capability of picking up or laying down large amounts of liquid. These mop heads are ideal for schools, colleges, leisure environments and hospitals.

Feature and benefits


  • Made from P.Y yarn.

  • Thick absorbent yarn.

  • Cleans and absorbs.

  • Conforms to CHSA mopping standard.

  • Will fit all Kentucky handles.

  • For everyday use.

  • Available in 12oz or 16oz.

Kentucky Mop

Kentucky Mops 16 Oz - Py - Color Flag

Available 12Oz, 14Oz 16Oz, 20Oz Yarn Available PY, ...

Kentucky Mops 20 Oz - Multi

Available 12Oz,14Oz,16Oz,20Oz Yarn Available PY, Multi, ...

Kentucky Mop Twine Yarn

Best for rough or bumpy surfaces. Less lint. Slightly less ...

Kentucky Mop PY Yarn

Used to clean larger surface areas. Very absorbent and do ...

Kentucky Mop Multi Yarn

Combination of FINE yarn folded 16 ply for greater ...

Kentucky Mop with Color Strip

Available 12Oz, 14Oz, 16Oz, 20Oz Available Yarn PY, ...